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iPDM: 5. What's next?

5. What's next? iPDM Goes Europe!

Building on the results of the PDM-ProValue study program[9], the EIT Health funded project “Integrated Personalized Diabetes Management Goes Europe” aims at implementing and enhancing iPDM in a real-world community setting. In this regard, the consortium envisions developing and implementing a digitally enabled, person-centred care process for people with type 2 diabetes focusing on and improving outcomes that matter to patients and contributing to the sustainability of healthcare systems.

A new digital patient assessment tool

The consortium will co-create a new digital patient assessment tool that will further personalise the iPDM process according to each person’s unique needs, barriers and opportunities. By working with various stakeholders, including patients, researchers, health care professionals and payers, ultimately our ambition is to provide holistic, structured and bundled iPDM solutions that provide value for all affected stakeholders: people with diabetes, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems.

The Consortium

The consortium comprises partners from industry (Roche Diabetes Care GmbH and Profil GmbH) academia (the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen and the German Diabetes Centre) and health care administration (the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Capital and Sjaelland Regions). This powerful combination puts us in an ideal position to co-create new healthcare opportunities while considering the opinion of all stakeholders involved in the process. Let’s take iPDM to Europe together!