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VBHC: 4. Implementation of VBHC in Europe

4. Implementation of Value-based Healthcare in Europe

EIT Health has recently published a guide for implementing Value-based Healthcare in Europe [17] that addresses:

  • healthcare practitioners that want to offer high value care,
  • innovators who want to launch products that meet patients’ needs, and
  • policy makers that are seeking to transform healthcare systems.

EIT Health Value-based Healthcare Implementation matrix

The VBHC Implementation Matrix developed by the EIT Health research team is based on five fundamental dimensions:

  • Recording – Measuring processes and outcomes through a scorecard and data platform
  • Comparing – Benchmarking teams through internal and external reports
  • Rewarding – Investing resources and creating outcome-based incentives
  • Improving – Organising improvement cycles through collective learning
  • Partnering – Aligning internal forces and forging collaborations with external partners

The building blocks of the EIT Health Value-based Healthcare solution

Each of the five dimensions of the Implementation Matrix is made up of building blocks. There are nine building blocks in total that are crucial for visualizing and implementing VBHC initiatives.

[17] International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement. Standard Set Development [Internet/PowerPoint presentation on the Internet]. Denmark: International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement; 2018. [cited 15 Apr 2020] Available from:

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